The City of Twentynine Palms and Twentynine Palms Chamber of Commerce approached Shark Studios to design a sister website to their newly completed City Government site, serving as a web portal for information about tourism in the City of Twentynine Palms and surrounding area.  The site needed to promote local businesses and provide maps, weather, brochures and other tourist information.  It needed to be easily updated by non-technical staff via a simple browser with login ID and password anytime, anyplace.


The new site has monthly features and events designed to stimulate return foot traffic and to eventually become the clearinghouse for tourist information in the area.  An intuitive design and drop down navigational structure encourages users to browse and allows them to quickly find the information they need.  A Navigation bar with ‘breadcrumbs' was created in order to show users where they were on the site, providing an immediate pathway back to previously viewed content. A comprehensive Content Management System was installed to allow non-technical staff to update the website on a timely basis using a simple browser with internet connection.  Brochures, tours, travel guides and meeting planners were also made available.  A user survey was created to gather demographic information and supply the City with additional statistics about their users.

The final result is a site that markets local businesses and tourism to the beautiful Twentynine Palms area.  The site serves as the official site for Twentynine Palms Tourism as well as an information portal to other tourism websites that provide information about the area.

What our client says:
"There is no denying that the Shark Studios staff puts out an amazing product. Just looking at some of their finished sites will show you a passion, an ambition, and a vivaciousness that other websites seem to lack. However, what really sold me was how easy the Content Management System is to use. The Content Management System makes it possible for every single person to operate a website. You don’t have to struggle with HTML, changes are made quickly and efficiently, and your friends at Shark Studios will assist you every step of the way.

Twentynine Palms has a very tranquil atmosphere. At first glance, the desert may seem stark and inhospitable, but when you look closer you see a variety and diversity of life that can be found no where else. Our tourism site needed to reflect the beauty, the vitality, and the mystery that our desert holds. Shark Studios accomplished that goal. The result was a site that is not only beautiful and informative, but easy to navigate and even easier to operate thanks to Content Management.”

Jillian Dike
Administrative Assistant
Twentynine Palms Chamber of Commerce


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