Executive Auto Detail approached Shark Studios to design a website which would project their image as a detail shop that provides unrivaled service and attention to detail to the most demanding luxury and sports car owners.  They needed a system in which they could make updates to their site on an almost daily basis to text, pictures, pdf files, video, or any other files.  A photo gallery was deemed important to highlight the work they do and it needed to be easy to update by anyone with a non-technical background.  The site needed to be easy-to-navigate, organized, and new pages or sections needed to be easily added to accommodate new services or specials.


Shark Studios designed an elegant site with a Content Management System serving as the foundation.  Non-technical personnel can now make updates to their website from anywhere they have an internet connection.  By simply logging in and clicking a pencil icon next to the content they wish to change, personnel can now easily make changes to text, pictures, files, or links all with a few clicks.  A Photo Gallery was added so that recent work could be highlighted.  This gallery is easily updated using Content Management.  Focus on search engine optimization was particularly important in this competitive market, so all means of raising this visibility were implemented using the latest SEO techniques.

There was a dramatic and sustained rise in web traffic due to efforts at search engine optimization, having a visually stunning website, and the ability to constantly change the content using Content Management to keep existing visitors coming back. This rise in traffic resulted in more bookings and "a buzz" around town that increased business through word of mouth.  The ability to constantly change content has resulted in greater interest, more visitors, longer sessions per visit, and higher placement by major search engines who put a premium on dynamic, changing content versus static content.  The impact to the bottom line was immediate and sustained.

What our client says:
"We cater to luxury and sports car owners, many of whom are business owners themselves and who have high standards of excellence.  Shark Studios raised our online presence and the impact on our bottom line has been dramatic.  Since we now manage our own content with Shark Studios Content Management System, we can constantly keep our website updated with the latest news, pictures, and new services or specials we offer.  Our search engine ranking has also greatly improved so that we are now consistently placed at or near the very top in major search engines.  I always enthusiastically recommend Shark Studios whenever anyone asks, "Who did your website?".  It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made!"

Chris Williams, President/CEO, Executive Auto Detail

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